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Phoenix Fight Gear

Christopher Kooker is the President and Founder of Phoenix Fight Gear, a Boca Raton, Florida based martial arts gear, equipment and apparel brand.  He currently holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Karate and was promoted to the title of Sensei in 2015.

Christopher was born outside of Philadelphia, PA and relocated to Florida at a very young age. At the age of 7 after several encounters with bullieshe was introduced to Kyokushin Karate by a mentor and a love for all things martial arts was born. Christopher says, "I was the kid who could not get enough martial arts in my life and some of my early idols were Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Bill Wallce".

After many years of studying different styles of martial arts, Christopher finally found his place under Master Shihan Craig Haley at Elite Force Martial Arts located in Lighthouse Point Florida. He dedicated himself to becoming the best martial artist he could be and to helping others achieve the same goals. He continued to grow as a martial artist and focused his studies primarily on striking.  Christopher says, "Something about blending Muay Thai kickboxing with traditional martial arts makes sense to me. I have developed a great appreciated for the discipline and attention to detail that comes from my Karate background and the pure effectiveness of Muay Thai kickboxing. I work hard to become a little better at this every day and I plan to be a martial artist for the rest of my life". 

Christopher founded Phoenix Fight Gear in November of 2014 with a simple mission. He set out to create high quality fight gear, equipment and apparel and to commit the brand to martial arts and fight sport athletes of all levels.  His primary focus is looking for ways to improve the products he creates, listening to his customers needs and to taking care of the people who trust Phoenix Fight Gear with the products they need. 

At 42 years young he is married to Lissett Kooker, his wife of 12 years, a 1st degree black belt and Vice Present of Phoenix Fight Gear. He has 2 children and lives in Boca Raton, FL. He is currently a volunteer instructor where he trains and enjoys passing on the knowledge that others have shared with him. He is committed to continuing his growth as a martial artist, helping others and to making Phoenix Fight Gear the best it can be! 


Gamblers Jiu Jitsu


Gamblers Jiu-Jitsu & Kickboxing Club is a family friendly martial  arts academy that offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Self Defense, Fitness  Kickboxing and Muay Thai classes for men, women and children of all  ages.  We work hard to provide the highest quality training in a clean,  friendly and positive atmosphere for all of our students from beginners  to professional athletes.

We are most known for regularly bringing world class instructors and  athletes to expose our students to various teaching styles and  strategies used by world champions.  Champions such as Joao “Johnny”  Faria, Leo Santos, Carlos Valente, Talita Alencar, Michael Phelps and  Joao Assis just to name a few who have joined us as special guest  instructors.


Why Gamblers?

The Gamblers brand has been in our founder Mike Ciprianni’s family  for generations and is nationally recognized for having a strong youth  Baseball program with teams across the country including the Palm Beach Gardens Gamblers  13-U team that is ranked #1 in the country.  When making the decision  to open up our martial arts school Mr. Ciprianni felt it necessary to  keep the Gamblers tradition alive.  In no way are we trying to promote  monetary gambling.  Instead we believe that decisions we make in life  are gambles and you never know how far you can go unless you take a  chance and go after your dreams.


TITLE Boxing Club Palm Beach Gardens and Wellington

 Introducing TITLE MMA. Our newest HIIT workout is a Mixed Martial Arts –  influenced exercise class designed to elevate your ability and  condition your body. Watch our highlight video and hear from real  trainers and TITLE Boxing Club members as they share their MMA  experience. Spoiler alert: they love it!  

Fall in love with our full-body boxing and kickboxing classes—a  mind-body workout challenge made to transform and uplift. You’ll sculpt  your body to the rhythm of the music with our experienced trainers.